Life is Hard

8 Feb

I’ve been in such a sad mood lately. Not for just one particular reason. Officer Davis has been working nights all week so when I get home from work, he’s already gone. Then today just wasn’t a good day. I’ve been real emotional. Just ready for a new day.



Birthday Boy

8 Dec

Christmas is in a couple of weeks, then it’s Officer Davis’ birthday. He’s going to be 25…that’s half of 50 if you didn’t realize!!! So I’m wanting to do a big get together thing. His birthday is on New Year’s Eve, so I want to get a bunch of our friends together and have a lot of fun. Not sure what yet, but I’m trying to come up with ideas. I need ideas, people!! Help!!

Christmas Shopping

3 Nov

It’s time!!! Start looking at deals for shopping for Christmas! I finally figured out what I’m getting for Officer Davis…well part of it. I can’t put it on here because he reads this but I do know that he will like it!! I guess I really can’t say what I’m getting anyone because I don’t know if they read this at all haha! I’m going to start shopping next week. Working on Officer Davis’ gifts first, then the parents and in-laws, then everyone else. What I really want to do is get a group of my closest friends together and do Secret Santa. No spending over $15!! It could possibly be a lot of fun. I need to talk to my friend KG and see what she thinks! The more I talk and think about it, the more excited I get!! Gotta go text her!!!


Big Dreams

22 Oct

You know where I want to go one day? New York City. There are so many lights and sounds and everything I’m not used to!! It seems so exciting and I always hear very good things about it. I’m sick of the whole small town, backwood, country, cliquey types of people here. My dreams and aspirations are way too big. I feel stuck, but I WILL get out of here one day! I’d rather my husband and I raise our family FAR away from here! New York, get ready for us!

Heavy on my Heart

7 Oct

It’s been a few days since I wrote in my blog. I honestly haven’t even really thought about it. Anyways, I know I said in my first blog that I wouldn’t complain about anything, BUT I do have to admit I’m feeling a little hurt right now. I’m not going into details, but it has to do with a friend. Supposed to be my best friend. It seems as though she always blows me off these days. Every time I invite her to hang out she’s got some lame excuse and then tonight I find out she was blowing me off just to go drink. That doesn’t sit right with me. That was a lie. Everyone lies, but not all of the time, and I definitely do not associate with people like that. It just kind of hit me hard tonight because I’m really starting to see how wrong she is for me to hang out with. It’s a toxic friendship. I’m an extremely forgiving (sometimes too forgiving) and sweet girl. Yes, sometimes I can be bitchy, but I think I’m a great friend. More than a great friend…the best friend a person can have. I’m super loyal. So once that happened it was like a slap in my face. It’s happened so many times that I’m really just done…for real. I’m not going to sit aside and LET someone treat me like that. I tried confronting her (in a nice way) and she ignored me…so that’s okay. If she’s done with our friendship, then so am I. And I mean DONE! Anyways, on a better note, my other (and much more loyal) friend and I made wreaths tonight!! They turned out to be so cute and we’re extremely proud of ourselves!! We’ve decided to make one night out of every month a “Pinterest Night” where we do or make something we find on Pinterest. So exciting!! Anyways, though I’m hurt knowing I’ve lost a friend, I’m ecstatic knowing I have a few other very close friends that I know I can count on and I’m truly thankful to God for them 😚



Ready for Christmas!

29 Sep

I am SO ready for Christmas!! I love my friends and family and the time I get with them even though its all different the past two years. MAYBE Santa (Officer Davis) will read this and see what is on my Christmas list 😝 I have been a really good girl this year and I think that I possibly deserve a pair of black pearl earrings with diamonds! Black diamonds are my favorite. They’re very elegant and classy. I’m still stuck on what to get him though. I have NO CLUE!! If anyone reads my blog, some pointers would be much appreciated!!!!!!


Facing the Consequences

22 Sep

When Officer Davis and I decided to get our dog, Iris, we knew our apartments wouldn’t allow her…but we got her anyways. Well of course they found out and said that PoPo Davis has to get a letter from the Chief of Police in Hughes stating that Iris is going to be used as a police dog and that he should be allowed to keep her. A few days ago we got a call from the apartment manager and she told us that, even though she doesn’t see a problem with having her, the legal department says we can’t. So we’re in the process of finding her a home IF the in-laws say they won’t keep her for us. I pray they do but I understand if not. As long as she goes to a loving home, I’m fine. I’m an adult, and I know what we need to do to keep a roof over our heads. So it’s been a few sad days for the Davis family lately…but I know everything will be ok! Pray for us, though!!