Heavy on my Heart

7 Oct

It’s been a few days since I wrote in my blog. I honestly haven’t even really thought about it. Anyways, I know I said in my first blog that I wouldn’t complain about anything, BUT I do have to admit I’m feeling a little hurt right now. I’m not going into details, but it has to do with a friend. Supposed to be my best friend. It seems as though she always blows me off these days. Every time I invite her to hang out she’s got some lame excuse and then tonight I find out she was blowing me off just to go drink. That doesn’t sit right with me. That was a lie. Everyone lies, but not all of the time, and I definitely do not associate with people like that. It just kind of hit me hard tonight because I’m really starting to see how wrong she is for me to hang out with. It’s a toxic friendship. I’m an extremely forgiving (sometimes too forgiving) and sweet girl. Yes, sometimes I can be bitchy, but I think I’m a great friend. More than a great friend…the best friend a person can have. I’m super loyal. So once that happened it was like a slap in my face. It’s happened so many times that I’m really just done…for real. I’m not going to sit aside and LET someone treat me like that. I tried confronting her (in a nice way) and she ignored me…so that’s okay. If she’s done with our friendship, then so am I. And I mean DONE! Anyways, on a better note, my other (and much more loyal) friend and I made wreaths tonight!! They turned out to be so cute and we’re extremely proud of ourselves!! We’ve decided to make one night out of every month a “Pinterest Night” where we do or make something we find on Pinterest. So exciting!! Anyways, though I’m hurt knowing I’ve lost a friend, I’m ecstatic knowing I have a few other very close friends that I know I can count on and I’m truly thankful to God for them 😚



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