Autumn Weather

20 Sep

My favorite season is Autumn and it’s finally starting to feel great outside! Almost time for hot cocoa, big scarves, pumpkins and HOLIDAYS! I’m so excited! I can barely contain myself! I’m one of those girls that will put the Christmas tree up three weeks before Christmas!! I love the time I get with my family and friends. This year will be different though. It’s Officer Davis’ first year as a cop so he will probably have to work holidays which makes me sad…but I know he’s doing it to support us and he loves doing what he does, which is protecting the citizens of Hughes, Arkansas. I just keep remembering that plus all the women/men out there who’s husbands/wives are across fighting for our country and they haven’t seen them in two years. When I think about that, I’m thankful that my true love is only thirty minutes away when he is at work. Anyways, BRING ON THE COOLER WEATHER!



Time to Move

19 Sep

Got some new news! Friday, September 14th, Officer Davis and I moved into a tiny apartment (which I mentioned in the first blog). We thought we’d love it because compared to the apartment we had been living in (which was $560/month), these apartments were $340/month! So only thinking of ourselves we moved to those…but the HORROR that came with them was unbearable, so we packed up again and moved back to the old apartment. Yes, it’s more expensive, but the other place had ROACHES! I despise roaches (or any bug except butterflies and ladybugs for that matter). At first I thought to myself “it’ll be okay, we just need to spray and they’ll go away”. Ohh, was I sadly mistaken. I used a whole can of spray and the next night they were back! So I stayed at the old apartment while Officer Davis was working. The next night I only saw one, but considering this place didn’t have any air conditioning, I was HOT and stayed with my mom that night. Again, Officer Davis had been working. So then the next night, the hubby was home and we were watching movies and having a date night. All was fine until I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. When I looked I saw TWO roaches walking on the kitchen floor like they were buddies trying to plot on creating five million babies and nest in our beloved junk!!! I FLIPPED out and told Officer Davis that we are not staying there anymore. I mean, who would want to live in that? Let alone, bring a baby in that?? Even our dog was unhappy! So we packed up our little belongings and stayed with the madre again. Thank God for mothers! We’re back in the old (but clean) apartment and happy and things are fine now. It’s a good thing we didn’t move too much over there or lose this apartment because we’d be screwed. I love my hubby for all that he does and being understanding that, yes we’re out some money, but we can’t live there. Another year back in Marion, Arkansas! 😉


Hey Y’all!!

16 Sep

Hey there! I’m new to this so don’t judge me too hard! So really what I want my blog to be about is my daily life in general. Like an online diary…except more mature…and not complaining about EVERYTHING! A little about me? Hmm…I recently married the best man my heart has ever known, and we’ll call him Officer Davis. That’s right, I’m married to a cop 🙂 and I love it! We just moved to a tiny apartment here in WM, Arkansas, but it’s so much cheaper. We have a German Shepard named Iris. It’s taking me some time to get used to her because I’m used to my old Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua…which she could eat both of them in 2.5 seconds! I’m a Medical Assistant at an Internal Medicine clinic through Baptist Hospital, but my dream is to either be a make-up artist or a writer. So cliche, I know, whatever. All in all, my life is slowly starting to pick back up from when my job was horrible (now much better), Officer Davis wasn’t working, and our rent was much too expensive so we were living with his brother (whom I didn’t get along with very well). All is grand in the Davis household now, though!! I can’t wait to post more blogs as things happen in life and I hope to make great blogger friends, as well!! Have a great day y’all!